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Explore Hollywood, Florida on The Water Taxi. It’s one of the best things to do in Florida. You can board the Hollywood route at three locations along Hollywood Beach or board the Hollywood Water Taxi at Stop 5 in Fort Lauderdale. Guests can travel on the Water Taxi between Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Beach or simply hop on board to see the sights in Hollywood.

As guests head to Hollywood from Fort Lauderdale, they see Port Everglades home to south Florida’s thriving cruise ship industry and port of call to thousands of merchant ships from around the world. As the Water Taxi continues south, it passes beautiful nature parks including John Lloyd Park to the east and Anne Kolb Nature Center to the west. Along the way, photo opportunities abound as sailboats, yachts and pelicans skim the surface of the water as it glistens in the warm sunshine.

Once the Water Taxi arrives at Hollywood Beach, there are three stops to choose from, Giorgio’s Bakery & Bistro, the Westin Diplomat, and Crowne Plaza. Hollywood Beach offers a unique South Florida experience. The center of activity is the Broadwalk…no, not the Boardwalk. The Broadwalk was named because it is so wide that it can easily accommodate all sorts of pedestrian and peddle powered vehicles operating in both directions. It is 2.5 miles long and lined with restaurants and nightlife on the west side, and an absolutely pristine beach on the east side. Exploring the Broadwalk is a highlight of any trip to Hollywood Beach.

Make your way to the end of Johnson Street, along the Broadwalk, and you will discover the Hollywood Beach Theater. This open air venue features live entertainment – almost every night – in a laid back seaside setting. You can dance under the stars to Salsa music one night and cheer on an old time rock and roll band the next.

Water Taxi would love to welcome you aboard our Hollywood Beach boats. Don’t forget that many of the shops, restaurants, bike rental and water sports rental companies offer discounts when you present your Water Taxi ticket.

Here are a few ideas for creating your own adventures in Hollywood:

Waterways Cruise

Create your Waterways Cruise at a discounted local route discount. If you board the Water Taxi at one of the three Hollywood stops and stay on the Hollywood Route you pay only the $11.00. So, you can board at Stop B, C, or D heading north and go all the way up to Stop 5 in Fort Lauderdale and back. If you do not get off in Fort Lauderdale you will have a wonderful round trip experience for only $11.00. Helpful hint: Plan your trip in the evening and make it your own special Sunset Cruise.

Live Music

Check out the schedule of live entertainment at the Hollywood Beach Theater and plan your trip around enjoying the wide variety of offerings at this waterfront open air venue. Most performances run from 7:30 to 9:00, so be sure to get right back to the boat to pick up the last north bound boat at 9:10 pm. Note if you originated at stop C or stop D, your last boat heading south is at 8:20 pm, so you will not be able to stay for the entire performance if you plan to take the water Taxi back to where you originally boarded.

Easy Transfers

If you are heading to Fort Lauderdale for the day, check the interconnecting service on the Main Fort Lauderdale route at Stop 5 to plan out your day. Please be sure to leave enough time to complete your plans and reconnect with the Hollywood boat at Stop 5 by 7:30 PM.

Waterways Cruise

Cruise Hollywood at a discounted local price on the Hollywood Route.

Live Music

Check out the schedule of live entertainment at Hollywood Beach Theater.

Easy Transfers

Visiting Fort Lauderdale for the day? Transfer at Stop 5/ Hollywood Stop A.

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