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Welcome to the NEW Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi Web Site!

Water Taxi is proud to announce several NEW upgrades to the Water Taxi experience.

We have added more Water Taxis to our fleet and to reduce wait time: On peak days, Water Taxi will have 12 vessels in operation. That means a Water Taxi will arrive every 15 minutes in alternating directions. For guests, maximum wait times will be either 15 minutes or 30 minutes depending on which direction you are heading.

Check Out Our Updated Stop locations

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park has been upgraded from an on demand whistle stop to a full service stop. This will provide guests with direct access to the park and all of its recreational amenities as well as the northern portion of Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Stop B in Hollywood has been moved to Joe’s Market one block north of the previous location and closer to the Hollywood Beach amphitheater on Johnson Street and the, soon to open, Margaritaville Resort complex. Guests can easily get to Hollywood Beach from this new stop by walking one block along Indiana Street, directly across from Joe’s.

We’ve Upgraded vessel amenities

Water Taxi has embarked on a yearlong vessel improvement program including cosmetic refurbishments, new machinery, improved sound systems and more.

Updated Cruise and Save Program

Your Water Taxi ticket qualifies you for discounts at over 60 restaurants, shops, recreational activity centers and cultural attractions along our routes. Your Water Taxi ticket will pay for itself simply by showing it at any of our Cruise and Save partners and getting a discount.

Introducing the New River Route

Stop 1, Stop 1A, Esplanade Park Whistle Stop, Stops 2 and Stop 3 will be serviced by two “Oldport” class Water Taxis. These smaller vessels are nimble enough to land in congested areas and will provide greater docking frequency at the stops. Stop 3 will be the transfer stop to the Main Fort Lauderdale route. Remember your all day ticket allows unlimited access to the entire Water Taxi system.

We thank our guests for making Water Taxi the number one activity in South Florida. We have developed this new Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi website just for you.

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