Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale has been an icon in South Florida for over 20 years with year-round service in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Water Taxi takes pride in acting as the premier attraction in South Florida offering exceptional service to locals and tourists alike with our tremendous staff enabling us to provide this top-notch experience year-round. We boast a fleet of 13 boats varying in size from 26’ launch style boats to 64’ high speed catamarans and a staff of over 100 employees in positions such as captains, deckhands, engineers, customer service representatives, and more.
On any given day, you will find yourself out on the scenic waterways of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood transporting and entertaining guests along the way. In November, you may find yourself taking passengers to the world’s largest boat show at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center. In April, you may have a country music themed crowd onboard your boat headed to the Tortuga Music Festival in the heart of Fort Lauderdale Beach. Every day is different on the water and you’ll be sure to have fun working on it.
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Water Taxi employs USCG credentialed captains holding a 50 ton or greater Master’s License.  Experienced mariners can hone their skills operating single screw, twin screw, and azimuth pod boats from 26’-64’ all while working outside on the water.  New mariners can gain a wealth of knowledge on the job learning to operate and dock boats in different wind and current conditions. Hoping to become a captain?  See our Career Path page for more details.

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Water Taxi employs both lifelong boaters and those new to boating.  We offer extensive training programs in maritime and hospitality to ensure our crew maintains high standards of safety and customer service.  Our crew can expect variety in their work from assisting their captain in docking a boat to mixing up a margarita during happy hour. Our crew positions offer an excellent opportunity for those looking to gain sea time and experience towards receiving their captain’s license.

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Water Taxi employs a diverse range of skill sets to make up our engineering team including diesel mechanics, electrical engineers and fiberglass specialists.  Most of our work is done in-house with little use of outside contractors meaning you can expect to use your existing skills, and learn new ones, while tackling a variety of projects from rebuilding an engine to fiberglass hull repair and even complete boat overhauls!

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Customer Service

Water Taxi employs both in and out of office customer service representatives.  Feel more comfortable inside an office? We have that. Prefer to be outside by the water with beautiful yachts in the background?  We have that too. Become a part of our team assisting our passengers experience an amazing day on the water.

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Career Path

Water Taxi offers a one of a kind opportunity to begin your maritime career by providing a place to learn skills required to succeed in the industry all while being paid to do so.  Just received your license but have no previous work experience? Come learn about currents, docking, crew management, and vessel handling. Hoping to one day get your captain’s license?  Water Taxi is a great place to accrue necessary sea time towards your license and teach you the skills to succeed as a future captain.

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Working for Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale was a great experience. I got hired only knowing a little about boats and over the course of two years learned a lot like tying knots, some mechanical skills, boat handling and much more.  The staff at Ft. Lauderdale are awesome and the captains are always willing to teach you something.

-Mike W.

Working for Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale has been nothing but fun.  All the crew members are like family; we all look out for each other and enjoy working together.  Water Taxi opens up great work opportunities for the future.

-Wynter F.

Ten years ago, I moved to Ft. Lauderdale, but did not ride the Water Taxi until last year.  I was so impressed.  I ride on a boat to work and to go home, am surrounded by awesome coworkers, view magnificent yachts and creatures of the sea and meet great people from all over the world.  It is not often in life that we find a job that we are happy to be doing, but I have!

-Jim B.

When I decided to shoot for a career in the Maritime Industry I found it difficult to land a job as a rookie.  Water Taxi Fort Lauderdale gave me my chance. I got tons of experience and sea time on a 64’ catamaran. This was an incredibly valuable resource to many connections in the industry.  Now I am a Salvage Captain in Miami, but I could have never gotten here without my start at Water Taxi.

-Jason G.

Being based in Fort Lauderdale, the Water Taxi allowed me to learn about an industry I had no prior knowledge of.  After a couple years of working for the Water Taxi, I made my transition into the private section of the marine industry and could not be happier.  I would like to thank the Water Taxi and the individuals that helped me advance in my career. 

-Austin M

My time working for the Water Taxi of Fort Lauderdale was a memorable one. I acquired important boating skills and navigation tips every shift.  It was satisfying to hear from guests the trip was more than expected and a fantastic way to spend their day. The Water Taxi crew is a great group of people from all over the country and a big part of why I enjoyed going to work. Since I wish to continue employment in maritime, tourism, and hospitality, Water Taxi was a perfect fit and valuable experience. I am thankful for my employment at Water Taxi and will never forget the best office on the water!

-Amy H.