Fort Lauderdale is known as the “Venice of America” because of its many beautiful waterways. One of the best ways to Explore our city is from the water. The Water Taxi is more than just a boat ride. Our Captains and Crew are well versed on the city and the many attractions that can be viewed from the water. As such, they provide a narrated excursion that includes historical information as well as fun and interesting information about the many Mansions and Mega Yachts that line the waterways.

There are a 10 stops in Ft. Lauderdale.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Island Expedition and the Island Discovery two 2 – 200 passenger high speed catamarans that are owned by Water Taxi are getting new engines. While this may sound like a standard protocol, this particular trip to the shop is unique for many reasons.

The Catamarans were built originally to serve the Boston Harbor Islands National Park bring millions of visitors to this wonderful park. They are designed by world renowned Americas Cup designers Morelli and Melvin.

The catamaran design has many environmentally friendly attributes. The hull shapes are very efficient which allows for a more efficient engine, lower fuel use, better emissions, lower wake (helps with shore side erosion and wakes with other boaters) they are very maneuverable and safe.

In addition to the environmental friendly enhancements, while standing on this boat, you’ll barely be able to hear the engine at all! We hope this very green improvement not only helps the environment but enhances your experience aboard this vessel, too!