Team Member Profile: Captain Nelson

Team Member Profile: Captain Nelson has been with The Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi for 14 years after spending 25 years as an account manager in medical sales. Nelson is one of Water Taxi’s most seasoned captains having earned his Captain’s license in 1997. When asked what Nelson likes most about his role in the company, he said “I like meeting and talking with people from all over the world.” He believes “people are basically good and are interested in the same priorities; taking care of family, having a rewarding career, treating others with respect and courtesy.” Nelson’s most important function is to keep his guests, crew and vessel safe. But that’s not all he does to make Water Taxi successful, he also makes the trip entertaining and fun. Nobody EVER says that Nelson’s trips are boring. Nelson has extensive knowledge of Fort Lauderdale and his engaging ability to tell a hilarious joke, deliver an eye rolling pun or just a quick quip is what makes him the perfect Captain. When asked what his guests like to hear about most during the tour, he said “guests love to hear about the beautiful homes and yachts along the waterway; they never tire of it and I always like to share these stories.” When Nelson is not working at Water Taxi he enjoys sailing (he used to competitively race catamaran sailboats such as Tornedoes, Hobbies and Prindles). He also enjoys buying, selling and tinkering with cars. If there is an exotic car in the employee parking lot, it probably belongs to Nelson. Recently, he has been seen driving a 2006 Jaguar. If you get a chance to come for a ride with us here at Water Taxi, keep an eye open for Nelson and say hello!
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