Sustainability Statement

Water Taxi is committed to operating the most environmentally, sustainable operation possible.  We work and play on the waterways of South Florida and believe in conserving the natural beauty of the area, protecting local wildlife, while operating our business responsibly to minimize our environmental impact.


Marine Conservation

  • Island Expedition and Island Discovery, our flagship vessels, have been specifically designed to create low wakes at higher speeds. Others are designed for operating efficiently at low speed.
  • Vessel bottoms are cleaned frequently with rub downs with no need for cleaning solutions. Vessel coatings are maintained annually.
  • Propellors, shafts and rudders are inspected and maintained in “like” new condition for more efficient operations through the water.
  • Operational training and policy dictate that we operate at the most efficient speed to arrive at the next destination. Development of our on-time App assists the captains in making decisions and speed management.

Awareness and Education

  • We support and participate in the annual Waterway Clean-Up in conjunction with the Marine Industries Association of South Florida.
  • Water Taxi donates many trips for students and adults to learn about the marine environment and how to co-exist responsibly.

Responsible Resource Management

  • Our engine lubricants, filters, and oil absorbent pads are recycled after use. Lubricant changes adhere to manufacturer specifications.
  • We use Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel on all our vessels.

Innovation and Sustainable practices

  • Constantly Looking at ways to make the vessels transit the water more efficiently. On our larger vessels we have reduced the amount of fuel on board which reduces weight and requires less power which saves exhaust output and fuel consumption.

Nurturing Eco Systems

  • We work seasonally with environmental groups on manatee spotting and protection. The Marine Mammal Protection act is every mariner’s responsibility.

Energy efficient

  • Our Fleet is powered by Tier 3 Diesel Engines meeting EPA Tier 3 Emission Standards.
  • We use energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting wherever possible.
  • We maintain clean bottoms on our boats to minimize fuel consumption.
  • With new and well maintained engines we reduce exhaust noise and cabin noise.