There’s Something Special About a Florida Sunset

Capture a special moment against the scenic backdrop of a South Florida sunset with one of our Sunset Cruises.

These three-hour cruises give you the chance to unwind from a long day with a refreshing beverage and spend time with someone special, taking in the sights. Enjoy live music, the best views of Fort Lauderdale sunsets and happy hour drink specials every Friday, ALL SUMMER LONG!

Our Sunset Cruises board from Stop 1 at 6:45 PM and Stop 10 at 6:30 PM.  The music will run from 6:30/6:45 PM to 9:25/9:40 PM, but you’re welcome to cruise to any of your favorite stops along the way and enjoy a beautiful dinner or drinks on the beach. The cruises take place on our Double Decker boats, complete with a full bar, bathroom, and air conditioning inside the cabin.

No two sunsets are alike and the same goes for our Sunset Cruises. With a new musical guest every week, this is sure to be a beloved experience to revisit time and time again. These tickets sell out fast, so pre-purchase your tickets today!

Stop 1 | Stranahan House + Riverside Hotel

335 SE 6th AVE, Fort Lauderdale

Every Friday, 6:45 PM – 9:40 PM

Dates available in GREEN on the “Buy Tickets” page

Stop 10 | Bokamper’s Sports Bar & Grill

3115 NE 32nd Ave.

Every Friday, 6:30 PM – 9:25 PM

Dates available in GREEN on the “Buy Tickets” page

This week’s musical performers are:
Stop 1: Nick, violinist
Stop 10: Mike Wray, steel drummer