Rebuilding the Island Adventure: Part Two

Rebuilding the Island Adventure: Part Two

The Island Adventure is part of the Water Taxi fleet. For guests looking for things to do in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, Florida, this boat has always been a great option for exploring the Intracoastal Waterway and visiting Water Taxi Cruise and Save Partners in these areas. Because of its large capacity, The Island Adventure is the perfect form of transportation for viewing all of the ship activities in Port Everglades and lots of other things along the way. But now, she needs a new lease on life and is going through a much-deserved keel to mast, stem to stern overhaul.

The old, tired, leaky engines are being completely rebuilt, and the results are amazing. The Island Adventure is propelled by 2 Detroit Diesel 671 engines rated at 450 horsepower each. Although these engines ran reliably, it was time for a complete rebuild.

Here you can see two engines after being rebuilt. The work even included repainting the engines the original “Detroit” green. Show any mechanic in the world this green and they will likely recognize it as the traditional Detroit Diesel engine color.

The engines normally live in the engine room that is being cleaned while the engines are out being rebuilt. For those interested in such things, you can see the tiller arm for the port rudder with its hydraulic steering ram and tie bar that links the port and starboard rudders together…can you identify all of these parts?

Are you interested in how boats are put together? This image illustrates the somewhat unique forward facing engines with V drive arrangement on the Island Adventure. A replacement V drive is on order…it has to come from Germany.

The second deck overhead roof has been removed (refer to the first image in this post to see the old version) and being replaced with an awning system shown here being fitted. This area will provide more open outside deck space and still maintain an area to get out of the sun or rain.

The ugly drop ceiling has been removed, and a sample section of a new “Chicago Metals” system is being test fit. Efficient LED flush mount downlights and multicolor LED flex strips will be used to provide a bright, cheery and colorful ambiance. Acoustic and thermal insulation will go above the ceiling planks.

If you are exploring the Riverwalk in Esplanade Park or at Water Taxi Stop 1 – Las Olas Riverfront, you will be able to get a glimpse of the Island Adventure as she is transformed and renewed. She is at Water Taxi Base just up river from the Pirate Republic Bar past the train bridge.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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