Full Moon on the Water Taxi

Here it comes again, another full moon and once again it is a Super Moon. For the next week, the sight of the moon is going to be very impressive with the highlights being Saturday (moonrise at 7:15pm ) and Sunday (Moonrise at 8:00 pm) nights when the moon will be at more than 99% full. And as always, the BEST place to watch the full moon rise is either ON the Water Taxi or at a vantage point on land next to a Water Taxi Stop. I have made it a point to be out on the Water Taxi each of the last three full moon nights: Full moon seen on Water Taxi In June I got off the Water Taxi at the Esplanade Park Whistle Stop and had a great view of the moon amidst the billowing clouds. This was, I think, the day before that actual full moon so the moon was up before the sun actually set. In July, I went to stop B in Hollywood and walked to the Hollywood Beach Theater on the beach at Johnson Street. After a memorable oldies rock and roll performance, I went to the beach for a couple of moon shots. The moon was only visible for a few minutes as it quickly ascended into low lying clouds. I did take some photos, but sad to say, I did not get anything worth posting. Viewing the full moon from Water Taxi In August I went to the top of the 17th Street Bridge directly above Water Taxi Stop 5 and took a variety of photos. I liked this one as it captured the ambiance of the evening. AND do not forget the Beautiful Fort Lauderdale sunset that precedes the moon rise. Beautiful Fort Lauderdale sunset Sunset behind a cargo ship in Port Everglades on a trip to Hollywood. Water Taxi heading out to view the moonrise and sunset Lastly, here is your chariot for heading out to view the moonrise and sunset!
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