Water Taxi prides itself as a premier destination for those just entering the marine industry with prospects of working on a yacht, tug boat, tow boat or charter boat.  Nowhere else in South Florida will you have a better opportunity to learn vessel handling in various current and wind conditions, dock a boat upwards of 50 times a day, and manage a crew overseeing anywhere from 19-199 passengers all while being paid to do so.

Water Taxi is unique in that our employees begin with a wide variety of maritime experience from new comer to seasoned mariners.  Whether you intend to make a career at Water Taxi or move on to another opportunity in the maritime industry we will be sure to provide you the skills necessary to succeed upon completing our Career Path Program.

Want to work on a tug boat in Port Everglades someday?  Water Taxi is the only on the job place to learn the intricacies of driving an azimuth pod propelled boat just like the tug boats use.

Want to enter the yachting industry?  Water Taxi is renowned for our ability to teach the necessary skills to succeed in the yachting industry and provide excellent opportunities to network.

Want to work at a tow and salvage company? Just speak to a tow boat captain and there’s a strong chance they started at Water Taxi or know several people at their company who did. Water Taxi is the best opportunity to learn the local waters and vessel handling skills required to operate a tow boat.

How it works:

In order to become a licensed captain, you must complete a USCG Master’s and supplemental courses, pass an exam and have the required sea time (days on the water).  For more information regarding the courses and requirements to receive a license, visit Maritime Professional Training at mptusa.com.

Our program is best suited for candidates who:

  • Have passed the necessary courses at MPT or another accredited school but lack sea-time.
  • Have the necessary sea time but want more experience before taking your class.
  • Have neither the necessary sea time or taken any courses towards a license.
  • Have your 50 or 100 ton USCG Master’s license and want to gain experience.
  • Have your 50 ton USCG Master’s license and want to upgrade to a 100 ton.

Payment Plan:

Water Taxi offers a payment plan for employees in our Career Path Program who seek an initial USCG Master’s License or an upgrade from 50 to 100 ton.  The average cost of USCG Master’s Course is $1,000; Water Taxi will reimburse employees $750 upon receiving their license. Terms and Conditions apply.

Prospective employees can apply here or at our main office located at 413 SW 3rd Avenue Fort Lauderdale FL, 33315. Interview appointments will be made with qualified applicants.

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