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The Mysterious Mark of Samuel Plimsoll

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Water Taxi Visits Travis McGee

Have you read any of the Travis McGee novels by John MacDonald? If you have, what do think of the books and of Travis (Trav to his friends)? For the uninitiated, the Travis McGee books inspired TV shows such as “The Rockford Files” and “Magnum PI” (according to a review I read). McGee’s home base is on his houseboat named “Busted Flush”…you will have to read his first book for how it got its name. In the books, the Busted Flush is moored in slip F18 at Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale and while some of the books take us to other places during the story, home is always at Bahia Mar, slip F18. The books follow McGee on mystery adventures filled with danger and plot twists. Spoiler alert; McGee always ends up with the girl. I am on the fourth book in the series “The Quick Red Fox”. So far, I like the books, they are short, a little over 200 pages each, and a light read; perfect for reading while hanging out on Fort Lauderdale Beach or sitting in a quiet little waterfront bar. The only draw back to the books is that they were written in the 60s and 70s and the attitude toward women does not stand the test of time; but, in a way, this also is interesting. What are your thoughts on Travis McGee” Trivia: What profession is (usually) listed as on Travs’ business card?

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This is Not Your Grandfather’s Water Taxi… But He Will Still Approve!

The Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi has undergone a fantastic transformation over the last 7 years while maintaining its core mission of being a “trolley” on the water to take guests to all the fun places in Fort Lauderdale while enjoying a tour of the waterways dubbed, “The Venice of America.” The original Water Taxis were converted yacht club launches capable of carrying 26 guests and when the current owners acquired the business in 2007, there were a total of 5 Water Taxis in service. Today the Water Taxi operates 12 vessels with a combined carrying capacity of 1,019 guests. The fleet is supported by a 6 member engineering team utilizing a 17,000 sq-ft maintenance shed and waterfront facility. A customer service desk is staffed during all operating hours and Water Taxi locations are monitored with a state-of-the-art tracking system.

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