From The Pilot House:
The Mysterious Mark of Samuel Plimsoll

Daily Archives: October 7, 2014

From The Pilot House:
The Mystery of Plimsoll Marks

The Water Taxis often pass through Port Everglades taking guests to many Water Taxi Cruise and Save Partners. Guests have so much to look at they often miss something interesting. This includes symbols on the sides of the large commercial vessels.

These symbols are a language of their own and they have a very interesting history. Referred to as the Plimsoll Mark, they are located on the port and starboard side of a ship. The mark was established in the 19th century by Samuel Plimsoll, a champion for mariners and member of the British Parliament. Samuel was shocked at the number of cargo ships that were sinking at sea due to overloading by greedy ship owners. The symbol is known as the Plimsoll Mark, or the Load Line. This symbol is found on all commercial ships and provides a graphic indication of how much cargo a ship can hold and still remain balanced and safe to embark on it’s journey.

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